SLCC Terms of Use

By sharing your ePortfolio address with SLCC, you are authorizing your instructors to view your ePortfolio as well as authorizing College staff to access it for assessment purposes. This information is subject to the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). In the event SLCC's Institutional Research Office randomly selects your information for outcomes assessment, results will be aggregated and therefore not attributable to any one student, and will in no way affect your grade or graduation.

You may access and edit your ePortfolio free of charge after you leave SLCC as long as the College maintains a license with the ePortfolio vendor. SLCC and its faculty and staff are not liable for any illegal or inappropriate use of the ePortfolio on your part. You agree to indemnify SLCC and its faculty and staff from any liability arising from such illegal or inappropriate use.

Your ePortfolio is a public presentation of your learning, so you should only put professional material in the portfolio. If you have any concerns about your personal privacy, you should refrain from including personal information in the ePortfolio such as your image, address, phone number, etc.