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In fall 2016, I began my doctorate coursework in the Educational Leadership & Policy PhD program at the University of Utah. Below is my program of student, including sample work from most classes.



Fall 2016

ELP 7030- Introduction to Inquiry (Yoon)

Visualization of Issues of Inquiry 



ELP 7480- Leadership for Social Justice & Diversity in K12 and Higher Ed (Parker)

Community College Leadership for Civic Engagement


Spring 2017

ELP 7060- Qualitative Research (Yoon)

ELP 7440- Education Policy (Southerland)

Institutional Citizenship: How the Tenure Policy Articulates Power at Salt Lake Community College

HIGHED 622- Civic Engagement in Higher Education (Saltmarsh)

Campus-Local Government Partnerships: Placemaking as Common Purpose

and corresponding Prezi



Summer 2017

ELP 7660- Research Practicum (Castro)

ELP 7950- Independent Study- Community Based Research
ELP 7960- Community Organizing for Education Justice (Kuttner)



Fall 2017

ELP 7040- Quantitative Research Methods (Taylor)
ELP 7220- Leadership Theory (Parker)

ELP 7630- The American Community College (Taylor)
ELP 7660- Research Practicum (Castro)


Spring 2018

CTLE 651- Cyber Pedagogy
CTLE 6000- Teaching in Higher Education
ELP 7240- Organizational Theory
ELP 7062- Qualitative Research Methods II


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.